Observatory Of Local Finance

Join the Debate: Despite decades of experience of implementation of decentralization policies in African countries, the issue of funding remains a concern for virtually all local governments in the continent, beginning with the very knowledge of the state of local finance. Experience shows that the financial data of local authorities are not collected on a regular basis. In addition, the use of different accounting classifications, particularly related to inherited colonial administrative practices, makes comparisons of financial management performance between countries and communities increasingly difficult. It is with a view to meeting this set of expectations that UCLG Africa has undertaken to develop an African Observatory of local finance.

How to ensure that compared ratios cover the same realities from one country to another?
What sense covers the concept of local governance in financial management for African local communities?
How to raise African local communities access to the loan? Is there any other models of access to borrowing?
How to proceed to exchanges of good practices between African local authorities in financial management and production of data on local finance?

Source : ledna.org


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