After BREXIT…Securing ACP Economic Interests

This paper follows extensive research and consultation into how the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) will affect trade and economic relations with the Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of countries.

When UK voters decided to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016, they would understandably have been guided by what they thought best for their country; but withdrawal will have major and far reaching consequences; way beyond the UK. ACP countries are among those expected to be most affected. Therefore, it would be essential for them to have as clear an understanding as possible of the precise implications of Brexit so that they could seek to avoid or minimise any negative consequences and identify and capitalise on opportunities that arise or which they might create

The threats that Brexit can pose to ACP economic interests are real and should not be underestimated or ignored. A united Group that pursues a well-informed, comprehensive and effective strategy, will enhance the prospect of achieving its shared objectives and prospering in the post-Brexit era.



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