Local Actions: Solutions to Global Challenges

This briefing paper encapsulates the views and perception of indigenous peoples in Asia on the impacts of climate change, their vulnerabilities and responding mitigation policy measures. It conveys the vast knowledge of indigenous peoples on ecology, adaptation and disaster risk reduction and the affordable and practical measures that they have developed. Indigenous peoples’ contributions which are time-tested, sound and significant are illustrated here.

This briefing paper is based on information and insights, including the community assessments, gained from the three -year project entitled “Building Resiliency of Indigenous Communities on Climate Change Adaptation”, as well as the two regional knowledge exchange programs Adaptation Learning Highway (ALH) participated by indigenous knowledge holders from 9 countries in Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar, North East India, and Nepal. Drawing from these experiences, the paper is about collective responses on nature-based solutions, indigenous peoples’ adaptive strategies and measures to climate change-induced hazards in South and South East Asia, as well as on socio-cultural and political barriers that hamper the implementation of these practices.

Source: http://iva.aippnet.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/local-actions-solution-to-global-challenges.pdf


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