Evaluation of the implementation of the e-Citizen in Kenya

This research was based on a case study whose aim was to assess the implementation of the Kenya e-Citizen project. Data was collected through interviews and questionnaires from four ministries and the general users/citizens. The questionnaires and interview guides were created based on the six dimensions of the DeLone and McLean Information Systems Success Model. An enhanced model for assessing successful implementation of ICT projects is presented. In addition to the dimensions of the model, stakeholder engagement, has been suggested.

The paper concludes by emphasizing the need of stakeholder engagement during the life of any government ICT project. A strategy that would oversee awareness campaigns would be required. Other strategies required would address communication, change management and training.

Download: https://profiles.uonbi.ac.ke/moturi/files/ondego-2016-ijais-451486.pdf


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