Can Computer Geeks and Community Activists Unite?

The Movement for Community-led Development

To most, computer geeks and democratic activists may seem like an unlikely pair but the National Democratic Institute (NDITech) has turned this odd couple into a dream team.  When you think of a computer geek it reminds most people of a timid individual that handles all of the background technical needs of an organization while democratic activists are the end users, they rely on tech tools to help implement the mission of the organization. NDITech has successfully teamed technology and democratic activists by incorporating the complex technique of computer design into user friendly and accessible advocacy tool that is easily accessible to practitioners in the humanitarian and development sector.

The Democracy Toolkit (DemTools) is a new and exciting tool to help modernize the local knowledge of communities and to provide the communities with a platform that will empower the voice of the local community, particularly women.  DemTools have already helped…

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