A How-To on Policy Advocacy

The Movement for Community-led Development

Advocacy is not a thing to be feared. This online training tool will equip and prepare you to confidently advocate for community-led development. Whether you are a total novice, much like I was before completing the course, or have some experience in your back pocket, PATH’s training lays down a step-by-step process that can be helpful at any level of advocacy work. On-boarding and syncing to a framework such as this can help streamline partnerships and coalitions who at one time all used different processes and terms but now can communicate easily and seamlessly.

Their ten part framework will help users strategize about the best way to affect policy change by implementing PATH’s own approach to policy advocacy that focuses on informing policy making, fostering coalitions, and strengthening advocacy capacity. Composed of a pre-test, introduction, ten modules, and a post-test this training promises to help those who complete it…

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